Leeds is a thriving city with limitless potential. At the centre of the UK and the Northern Powerhouse, Leeds is growing at a dynamic and unprecedented rate, with a young, diverse population and a booming economy powered by ambition and innovation.

Our vision is to harness that growth and build a city for the future, a place filled with opportunity and ideas, which captures the energy of our communities and gives everyone a chance to be part of the city’s success. Working together, developers, the city council, residents and businesses will spearhead a pioneering period of investment, unlocking some of the previously untapped possibilities at the core of our city.

Combined with our rich heritage and culture, these developments will be the catalyst for the creation of a unique urban landscape unlike anywhere else in the UK, where history and tradition will go hand in hand with a thriving digital job market, flourishing retail economy and the best in sport, food and leisure. This is 21st century Leeds. We’re working, together. We’re growing, together.

This website provides an overview of the regeneration and redevelopment of our city centre. Find out how you can join us and be a part of one of the UK’s most exciting cities...

LCC Cityscapes - Town Hall Skyline