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Our Spaces

We are at a pivotal moment for the city as over the next decade we bring to life a transformative programme of work which will transform and reinvigorate the city centre. The Leeds Our Spaces Strategy embodies our vision and ambition for the creation of vibrant, inclusive, world class city centre public realm.

The strategy focuses on redeveloping public spaces across the city centre, and finding the very best ways to ‘stitch’ together key areas of the growth and footfall.  Incorporating seven design principles which take into account themes around connectivity, people, the economy, the environment and bringing the city to life, the strategy forms the route map and articulates the importance of our spaces and the role they play in positioning Leeds as the best city now and in the future.

Leeds has a unique mix of old and new, where no two spaces are the same. This presents a wealth of opportunity for new and improved spaces which positively support commerce, reflect our culture and heritage, and provide opportunities for relaxation, events and social interaction and speak of place, community. Already we have brought to life new and improved spaces such as Sovereign Square, the first new piece of green space within the city centre in decades, alongside the newly improved Bond Street, and Gateway Court greenspace at Quarry Hill which is currently being progressed along with the eagerly anticipated City Park forming part of the South Bank.

Public realm, when delivered well, can directly improve the lives, health and wellbeing of the residents and visitors to Leeds. With our ‘people first’ approach we know we can create a city centre fit for the 21st century and beyond that will be internationally recognised as a success story.

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Sovereign Square
Our Spaces Principles
Cookridge Street Pop-Up Park
Vicar Lane crossing